Boggers tires are your only requirement, if you want to drive down the tough terrains. These are the license to drive in the mud, sand and snow. Best tires till date but you cannot make a blind purchase of these tires; you will check the size of the axle of the car and decide your size. It is a very good and durable tire if you want to go for long drives and are planning a family tour in your big car.


Those of you, who have been planning to take a trip in the rocky terrain, can now think about it with Boggers to your rescue. TSL has done a really good job and has solved problems of many, who were postponing tour by car on the Rocky Mountains. It is getting good reviews by the customers who have used and it is believed to stay with you for as long as your journey continues. Boggers are for thousand years. It’s a value for money and gives you peace of mind while on move.

Problems with tires
It is not necessarily that we get smooth road everywhere and have a comfortable road. Some roads are cut out of rocks on hilly terrain. For swift drive on those roads, you need cushiony and comfortable tires and this is what you get from Boggers. The thing which makes it the best is its design—the tread design gives a better grip not only on the rocks but on snow and sand.

They give a better control of the road and the car does not slip away easily. This gives you a safe drive even on the most uncomfortable roads. So next time when on move, check your tires and try to get from Boggers collection. The recent reviews reveal that it is growing in importance and becoming the most preferred tire for four wheel light truck and for vehicles which run in all terrain.

The Boggers have proved efficient in the mud as they propel vehicles in the mud. In simple terms it works in the same way as riverboat moves in water.

Features of Boggers
Good Boggers which help in all types of terrains and make for easy move have features as

Do not tear easily; they are resistant to wearing and tearing.

They are very strong and prove their strength on all types of terrains.

It is not easy to puncture these hard Boggers tires.

Have good tread design that has strong grip in mud, snow, sand and rocks.

The sizes available for your Boggers start from 30.9 inch to 44.1 inches. You can select your tire according to the size of the rim which is 15inch, 16 inches.
With these specifications and durability, it has revolutionized the terrain vehicle ride. It is the tire which helps you fight any kind of off road problem and keeps you safe. Boggers are not the tires for street roads due to the noise they make and they are not even good on roads.